Original Flow - Feeling Good

I love this video! Flow kills it as usual and is accompanied by Fresh and Jim Conway. After absorbing the fun and the colors of this video, make sure you pay attention to the message and unity displayed. Original Flow and Fervent Route will be releasing an album soon, be sure to check out their music HERE and HERE.

Video Shot and Produced by F14 Abe Alem, Cale(yeah) and Josh McGill.

Brandy Mayes - 30 for 30

BMayes has decided to make a documentary of this life leading up to his 30th birthday. The documentary features some Oklahoma born rappers (Toby-Wan and Chris Rhymes) and some dope aerial shots of the city. Take the time to check out the Documentary and interview I had with him below. Documentary shot by Different Vue Films.

Me: Why did you do this and what made you do it?

BMayes: I did it because I'm known around the city but but I don't rap, I don't hoop, I'm not a promoter, like why do people know me? They know me for pushing the bar wanting more out of life, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I did it because my creativity is always going. I'm always thinking about what can I do next. ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries are really good and I wanted my own for my 30th birthday and so I did it for myself.

Me: How long did it take to film?

BMayes: It took us 2 seasons so Spring and Summer and a little in September it was long and expensive, but it was a journey I won't forget. I love filming this isn't new for me, checkout my old work at B Mayes Tv on YouTube.

Me: What did you learn about yourself from doing this film?

BMayes: I learned I was spoiled growing up and I learned a lot from growing up in diverse neighborhoods. I learned I lost good women, not knowing how to treat them and that jail made me grow up and realize the world doesn't owe me anything. Jail taught me one mistake can mess everything up and I needed to make smarter moves.

Me: Are you going to get in directing other films next?

BMayes: Well not my own, but definitely with other people, I've reached out to Brandus Clayton and Josh HillardI want to do their documentaries because I feel they both have a unique story to tell but I don't think they are comfortable enough to tell it, we will see.