Verse - Moor Flex


Close to midnight, Verse makes a post via Instagram showing Michael Jordan’s announcement that he was coming out of retiring, stating that new music will be online as his caption. He then wastes no time, dropping “Moor Flex”. He states the following after the music drops:

It’s been almost 6 years since I last put out some new music and that hiatus was not in my plans at any point. If you know me well enough you know that shit ate my lunch every single day after the first year or two. Excited to say I have been working on a lot of new material and will definitely be releasing some full projects this year. More news on all that later, but in the meantime, tonight feels right for a new song.

With that being said, take a listen to the new track & keep your eyes on peel for new material. A lyrical exercise, no hook.

Hakeem Eli'juwon - Calling (Prod. By Palaze)


Yung Lyfe drops another track, fresh off of dropping another track a little over two weeks ago. He’s been dropping the most material out of Tulsa this year. Check out the new track along with the video below. Outside of that two tracks that were mentioned, listen to his most recent project here.

Bambi - E.A.T. (EP)


One of the long-awaited releases from The Town, Bambi FINALLY drops E.A.T. (Emotional Ass Trap), which consists of 8 new songs. This is outside of the release of “Dreams” that dropped last year. Outside of those two, she’s been making rounds with her performances, more known for “Pesos” along with a slew of material. Hold tight, this isn’t the only project that’s in-store.

M.C. - This Life Bro (Mixtape)


Something dawned on me as I was listening to this, I wonder if this was the project he was setting up for when he dropped “Part 3” months back. With “What Do We Know?” being in rotation heavy in The Town (alone) for almost a year, M.C. then drops a promo teaser, indicating that the wait’s finally over. To double down, he THEN drops “Stuffy” & now, here we are, This Life Bro.