M.C. - This Life Bro (Mixtape)


Something dawned on me as I was listening to this, I wonder if this was the project he was setting up for when he dropped “Part 3” months back. With “What Do We Know?” being in rotation heavy in The Town (alone) for almost a year, M.C. then drops a promo teaser, indicating that the wait’s finally over. To double down, he THEN drops “Stuffy” & now, here we are, This Life Bro.

Keezy Kuts - Kush and Water (EP)


Christmas came early. Keezy went ahead & dropped the EP a week in advance of the original release date. Production by Seriously K5ive, ChasingRyan & 2Peece. For those keeping count, this is the THIRD project he’s dropped this year. Catch up with your streaming options.

Be sure to check out the recent visual shot by DJ Kold as well for “Alkaline”.