Cityboy Chop and Bezel- Fuk Wut U Heard

Cityboy Chop and Bezel came together recently to give you this new song and video Fuk Wut U Heard. Bezel, a dear friend of mines, artist, host, and owner of La Roux's Kitchen, a cajun catering business in the Tulsa area, told me he has more songs to come. This visual and memorable hook is now one of my favorite things to play and ironically features one of my favorite people. I asked Bezel, when can we expect more music from him, he says he's taking his time but we will definitely be dropping things this year. I'm sure whenever Bezel decides to drop something, it'll be worth the wait. 

Catch Bezel and other Tulsa artist at Lyricist Lounge this month at Saints in OKC. 

Grand National- Switchin' Lanes

Grand National is playing no games this year and this visual definitely shows that. Switchin' Lanes is the latest video from El Camino Theory which should be dropping this year. The song is a foreshadowing of what's in store for Grand and his future as he has creeps out of his comfort zone and make bigger moves for this project rollout which we will be seeing soon. Follow him on his socials and be on the lookout for what he and his crew ChosenFew have in store with a possible tour this year and more. Much love to DirectedbySharp this video is so clean and well done.

St. Domonick - 5050 Featuring Hakeem Eli'juwon (prod. Cwitit)

St. Domonick spent all 4th quarter of 2017 to give us gifts all 2018. 5050 is the second visual off of St. Doms latest project #SSS. The last couple of months Dom has been putting in work, I'm starting to get notified about his music in OKC more and more. #SSS has shown the state that St. Domonick is serious and I would expect a lot more music from the Fresh Fry Prince himself this year. Check out the dope video below feat. Tulsa royalty Hakeem Eli'juwon produced by Cwitit and Shot by King Spencer.

Cosmic Carl - Just Saiyan

This F14 X collaboration comes at an interesting time. Just Saiyan, the latest song of #TomcatThursdays from intergalactic star Cosmic Carl. This release comes after a turn of events in my own life and my "new-ish" friendship with the F14 crew. Just Saiyan is undeniably catchy and is obviously a reference to anime staple, Dragon Ball Z. Every DBZ saga is about the underdog training and working to make legendary plays in the future. Produced by Wayne Valentine, Just Saiyan made me a little hesitant with its theme, which could easliy be deemed "corny" with so many rap artist today using its populairty in their music, but this song is definitely top tier.

DBZ stories are relatable to me, seeing as how I have been MIA from the site lately and very active in real life, contributing to some the largest events ever this past 4th quarter. I am starting this new year with new stories, ideas, events. Stay tuned for my future endeavors in 2018, SUBSCRIBE to the site and peep/download the song below. #GotSteezeForever

Cosmic Carl - Just Saiyan.jpg

KNOble Savage - The Ron Jeremy Tape

I was pleasantly surprised by KNOble Savages latest project The Ron Jeremy Tape. KNOble a polarizing figure in the scene has an equally fitting album title to his project, naming it after polarizing "actor" Ron Jeremy, who he even gets a drop from within the LP. My favorite track on this project is Life, Money with Clark Rooseveltte, which reminds me of a lost Little Brother track. KNOble made this album in hopes of resetting himself after Casino Cartel, a collaborative project with Teflo $ that dropped earlier this year. KNOble was also eager to make music with Okie native, Detroit transplant, producer, DJ and engineer Sardashhhwho produced this project. Check out the project below and look forward to more music from KNOble, which he told me is on the way. 

Chris Boogie - Stuck in Paradise

Chris Boogie is a young and talented artist I met on an open mic night at Hubbly Bubbly and I immediately loved his music. I am gracious that Chris has taken advantage of his youth and decided to take his time when making music and releasing projects. "Stuck in Paradise" doesn't disappoint and makes me proud to see him finding his voice. Click play above and vibe out.