Full interview with DezzGotSteeze by Elev8ted Culture

Interview with me.png

Elev8ted Culture met up with me to find out how I got started in music in Oklahoma and got very indepth about who I am, how I work, and what in my plans are for the future with my brand. This interview comes on the heels of my Forty for 40 award through the Oklahoma Gazette for my contributions to the state. I am overwhelmingly appreciative and emotional by this video, stick around til the end to see why . Thank you so much to the Elev8ted Culture team.


20 On Da Town Podcast (Season 2, Episode 10) ft. Tizzi


You’ve heard that song, now get to know the artist. Tizzi B. sits down with Meezo & T-Mase and explains the concept of her single “Mango Tree,” how it came along & how she’s the mango. Gearing towards the end of the interview, there’s a performance of her showcasing the single at a recent event. Don’t forget to catch her at the end of the month as well.

Dezz is back on Tunes/Toons Podcast


Dezz was asked to come back on Toon/Tunes Podcast with Emily of ToastOklahoma to talk about how RnB music influenced her life! She ended up singing alot of her favorite tunes from the late 90s and early 2000s as well as gave her own hot takes on who was number 1 and overrated in that era.



also to listen to the past episode about how “The Boondocks” is similar to anime click HERE.