Welcome to The Root

The Root in the historic Paseo District has thrown its first show since the remodeling and renaming of the old "Twisted Root". The Root is now not just place to see your favorite local bands, but now a place to drink a brew or two, play pool and lounge 7 days a week. The Root located at 3012 N Walker Ave., also has a new bar featuring an ever-changing "beertail" menu. This space's first show, "WAVES" broke the new place in well, so well, that the venue reached capacity at 11pm. WAVES lineup was a compilation of Josh Mowarin favorite artists coming together under one roof for the grand opening. 

For booking this venue for your next party or event please contact: Josh Morwarin @ 405-631-3807 or Adam Shelton @ 405-615-4837

Click HERE to see more pictures from WAVES.

Don't miss the next concert at The Root May 29th. 

TulsaXWorld Presents the "World Culture Music Festival"

I'm very much proud and excited for my Tulsa friends putting together the first all rap festival in downtown Tulsa. Below are the venues and set times of all the performers, please click on any names in bold for more information on them. 

Aside from the concert TulsaXWorld will be accepting donations for a friend that was affected by the storms this spring during the festival, and will have free giveaways for attendees.

Tulsa X World Stage ( Soundpony - 409 N Main )


9:20 Jay Starks

9:50 HLa

10:20 Kyd Rexx

10:50 Thrill

11:20 IAmDes

11:50 Vivid

12:15 Miillie Mesh

12:35 Tae hero



Indy Pot Stage ( The Yeti - indoor 417 N. Main )


9:00 Jarry Manna

9:35 Blacxdanna Mafia

10:05 Chucc Chucc

10:35 Rello FYE

11:05 City Boy Chop

11:40 Lawrence Leon

12:00 CTS (ST. Domonick, Marquis Johnson, & Hakeem Eli'juwon)


Cypher Stage ( The Yeti outdoor - 417 N. Main )


8:00-9:00 cypher 120 Written Quincey and the Contraband

9:20 Paparyzi

9:50 Manifess

10:20 Mainframe Trax Family

10:50 Grand National

11:20 Oilhouse

12:30 Mr. Burns

12:55 Written Quincey and the Contraband

1:15am TulsaxWorld