SoufWessDes - Got Energy?


     Desmond Jacobs, a Houston native moved to Oklahoma in the summer of 2012 to attend OU in hopes of his changing his life in a more positive way. The first time I met SoufWess, I was at his Trap Energy Show and I attended the show with DJ Jafar. The moment I was introduced to SoufWess I was also introduced to his camp, who I have also seen at other SoufWessDes events. It may be quite intimidating to the average person to be introduced to a large group of people at once but as I sat down with SoufWess I learned more about his crews purpose in his life.

     Upon sitting down I learned that SoufWess only began doing music within the last two years and has already gained a lot of attention within OKC and Texas. The Energy Series that SoufWess started and is a movement of achievement for his own future. SoufWess told me stories of him in a "not-so-good" situations in Houston and at the same time he saw his friends applying and getting accepted into OU. It was his brothers who helped him attend the same college through essay and admissions interview coaching. SoufWess, now holds a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies and says a lot of this would not be possible without his brothers, which are still vital members of his camp today. SoufWess’s Energy Series is more than just music, it is a true embodiment of what you can do with the energy you have. His latest project King Energy is a full circle story of what happened in Desmond's life when he turned his negative energy and surroundings in to a in a positive with the help of his frat brothers. This Friday come see SoufWessDes for the King Energy release party at ACM.


Check out SoufWessdes's new single "Charged Up" from his new album "King Energy" above.

House Party Pajama Jammy Jam X GOTSTEEZE

GOTSTEEZE.NET and the Sativa Prophets have teamed up to give you a the House Party Pajama Jam in OKC. This is an art AND music event! #PajamaJamOKC


Sativa Prophets

Millie Mesh

Marq Jacob


St. Domonick



Lain Jane

Doc Rios

Hannah the Artist


Steven Grounds

Also features 

Food truck: Fat Sosa's

Photo Booth provided by: VideoHero.TV

Breakdancers and more!

Free to attend, donations will be accepted

21 & up, 10pm @ The 51st Speakeasy