Takeez - WiseSpoken2

Takeez has decided to release his new project WiseSpoken2 and it's probably the top 3 projects I've heard to come out of Oklahoma this year. Takeez a Lawton native, who has a lot to get off his chest in these 6 tracks. The project WiseSpoken2 is dark and dynamic. Takeez is upset about the current events taking place in the black community and in the media and you can hear his emotion in every song. The EP is accompanied by features from Dallas artists Bobby Sessions (Stokely Carmichael Video) and Slim Gravy. I didn't want to post this until I had a chance to speak with Takeez about WiseSpoken2, read the conversation below and check out the project, also available for free download:

Me: So, I assume that there was a WiseSpoken1

Takeez: Yes, but it was done wrong to me...it's like 5 years old and was horrible quality....but for some reason everybody loved it , So, I gave them a part 2.

Me: Maybe it's because you had something to say?

Takeez: I guess so. Idk we talking bout 2011, I just made it and threw it out back then..listening to it now makes me cringe.

Me:  I think all artist feel like that way.

Me: Were your topics the same on WiseSpoken1?

Takeez: Yes...WiseSpoken2 was all about game and conscious bravado..a chance to show that I can "kick game" AND give a "lyrical ass whoopin" at the same time lol

Me: So, WS2 was more about sharpening those same skills?

2TakeezIndeed, Showing the progress from 18-23.

Me: Is there anything, in particular, you want people to take away from this project because you talk about a lot.

TakeezI want people to hear the anger and frustration from the perspective of the young black male of America's inner cities...we're tired...enough is enough...