The VETS Band - The VETS Live: The Pade Tea Experience


The VETS Band consists of Billy J Bruner, Joseph Bruner, Jerome Oates, Prez Debarge & Vashon Mays. Vets is an understatement for all of what they’ve done with your favorite artist out of Tulsa alone. The band drops 3 live versions of their songs along with visuals. Check out both editions below.

J.A.Y PilotLife - El Jefe


PilotLife is back with a visual from his XXVI project, which he explains on his YouTube channel:

"XXVI" was a musical snapshot life growing up on the north side of Tulsa,OK. J.A.Y takes us on his journey from being the youngest of 5 to becoming "El Jefe" of his own family, crew and most importantly his life. Giving all glory to God for making it out of the streets and turning to music as his key to the good life.

Check out “El Jefe” below & give the album a spin. As a bonus, you can go back to his 2017 release, Ascension.