Cosmic Carl - Just Saiyan

This F14 X collaboration comes at an interesting time. Just Saiyan, the latest song of #TomcatThursdays from intergalactic star Cosmic Carl. This release comes after a turn of events in my own life and my "new-ish" friendship with the F14 crew. Just Saiyan is undeniably catchy and is obviously a reference to anime staple, Dragon Ball Z. Every DBZ saga is about the underdog training and working to make legendary plays in the future. Produced by Wayne Valentine, Just Saiyan made me a little hesitant with its theme, which could easliy be deemed "corny" with so many rap artist today using its populairty in their music, but this song is definitely top tier.

DBZ stories are relatable to me, seeing as how I have been MIA from the site lately and very active in real life, contributing to some the largest events ever this past 4th quarter. I am starting this new year with new stories, ideas, events. Stay tuned for my future endeavors in 2018, SUBSCRIBE to the site and peep/download the song below. #GotSteezeForever

Cosmic Carl - Just Saiyan.jpg