The VETS Band - The VETS Live: The Pade Tea Experience


The VETS Band consists of Billy J Bruner, Joseph Bruner, Jerome Oates, Prez Debarge & Vashon Mays. Vets is an understatement for all of what they’ve done with your favorite artist out of Tulsa alone. The band drops 3 live versions of their songs along with visuals. Check out both editions below.

Chubbs Perry - Lookin Good


Chubbs took The Town by storm when he dropped his STARWORLD FREESTYLES a couple of months back. Now, on behalf of his birthday, he drops a new song AND visual “Lookin Good” directed by King Spencer.

Be on the look out for the new project Words from the Wise, entirely produced by 2peece, dropping September 28th!

Parris Chariz & Jarry Manna ft. DJ DB405 - Surf Talk


 A little under a month ago, Jarry Manna & Parris Chariz dropped their joint EP Super Splash Bros. Now they're rollin' out the visuals, starting with the King Spencer directed "Surf Talk". There's a few cameos from other artists in The Town as well. Check it out & be sure to purchase/stream the EP.