N0_dna - America (Video)

N0_dna is an OKC born artist and producer and produced his first full length project recently titled "Season 1". The visuals on this song are breathtaking, shot by L.A, L.A. takes great attention to coloring and makes the viewer feel like their in another realm. The song is short and to the point N0_dna takes it upon himself to deliver how he feels about being a black man in this country in song.


Young Zay - On A Wave

I had the chance to sit down with Young Zay this past week and was able to learn a lot about him. As a resident of the south side of Oklahoma City Zay is new and trying to figure his value in music and to the city. Young Zay also engineers and owns a recording studio on the south side and has a lot more in store including more music and south-side events. check out more of his music HERE