N0_dna - America (Video)

N0_dna is an OKC born artist and producer and produced his first full length project recently titled "Season 1". The visuals on this song are breathtaking, shot by L.A, L.A. takes great attention to coloring and makes the viewer feel like their in another realm. The song is short and to the point N0_dna takes it upon himself to deliver how he feels about being a black man in this country in song.


Keezy Kuts - Meet The Kushers


Kusher T drops his long-awaited album on his birthday. Speaking of long-awaited, he did drop a surprise EP to hold the people over 2 months ago. Led by his single “Go 4 What You Know,” Keezy has plenty to offer & Tulsa features throughout the project such as David Puffin, T-Mase, Hakeem Eli’juwon & The Grae just to name a few. Executive Produced by 2Peece.


Micki Ronnae - Summer 18'


It's good to see artists I'm unaware of on my feed. Once I saw this song pop-up, I gave it a listen & I've been playing it all weekend. Micki Ronnae is looking to pick up some steam with this & a song she released 3 months back. I'll be paying attention to see what else the artist has in-store.

Catch-up with her other releases on SoundCloud & definitely keep an eye out for her as she hits the stage at World Culture Music Festival.