Steph Simon - Red Summa


Steph Simon recently took down his recent album Born on Black Wall Street from streaming services to fix a few things. While the campaign for “1990 SUMN” is on deck, Steph comes with a surprise to the album by adding a new song, “Red Summa”. Check it out below. Afterwards, catch some of his merch before it sells-out!

Bambi - E.A.T. (EP)


One of the long-awaited releases from The Town, Bambi FINALLY drops E.A.T. (Emotional Ass Trap), which consists of 8 new songs. This is outside of the release of “Dreams” that dropped last year. Outside of those two, she’s been making rounds with her performances, more known for “Pesos” along with a slew of material. Hold tight, this isn’t the only project that’s in-store.

M.C. - This Life Bro (Mixtape)


Something dawned on me as I was listening to this, I wonder if this was the project he was setting up for when he dropped “Part 3” months back. With “What Do We Know?” being in rotation heavy in The Town (alone) for almost a year, M.C. then drops a promo teaser, indicating that the wait’s finally over. To double down, he THEN drops “Stuffy” & now, here we are, This Life Bro.