Cityboy Chop and Bezel- Fuk Wut U Heard

Cityboy Chop and Bezel came together recently to give you this new song and video Fuk Wut U Heard. Bezel, a dear friend of mines, artist, host, and owner of La Roux's Kitchen, a cajun catering business in the Tulsa area, told me he has more songs to come. This visual and memorable hook is now one of my favorite things to play and ironically features one of my favorite people. I asked Bezel, when can we expect more music from him, he says he's taking his time but we will definitely be dropping things this year. I'm sure whenever Bezel decides to drop something, it'll be worth the wait. 

Catch Bezel and other Tulsa artist at Lyricist Lounge this month at Saints in OKC.