Steph Simon - Red Summa


Steph Simon recently took down his recent album Born on Black Wall Street from streaming services to fix a few things. While the campaign for “1990 SUMN” is on deck, Steph comes with a surprise to the album by adding a new song, “Red Summa”. Check it out below. Afterwards, catch some of his merch before it sells-out!

Steph Simon - 1999 SUMN/ASL


With his 1 million streams campaign in motion, Steph Simon drops a track off of his Born On Black Wall Street with an update. “ASL” has the background vocals by artist Ninetyone, who is also working on a project. Check out the track below & shop here for the accompanying merch.

Steph Simon - 33 Tips (Vetmix) ft. Sassieon Dupris


Fresh off of an extremely busy weekend with having the fourth installment of WCMF & performing at Hip Hop 918, Dicky Ro drops off a remix by the well respected band The Vets. Check out the original track off of Born on Black Wall Street in due time to help the million streams campaign.