Jacobi Ryan - All Time High (Video)

Jacobi Ryan (formerly fresh) is back and not leaving for the rest of the year with this 5th song on his 5th week titled “All Time High”. All Time High is a song about not switching up no matter where you are in life. Jacobi has decided to not only release a song every week but to have an accompanying video as well. I feel Jacobi is a rhythmic motivational speaker in every song I hear because everything is about hope and doing better than you did yesterday, everyday. Check out the song below and the rest of the songs in his #52in365 campaign available on all stream platforms.

For the rest of the #52in365 click HERE.


BrooX has decided to drop a bunch of visuals from his project The North Face which is an album about life on the North side of OKC and everything he learned from it. This is my favorite visual so far on the album featuring two tracks and co-starred by Steph Simon, telling about his life on the Northside of Tulsa. For anyone who has copped The North Face yet should hurry up and check it out, this album is the first for BrooX under his new name.

Video by cashahoma

Jacobi Ryan - Regardless EP Prod. by Wayne Valentine


Jacobi Ryan the artist formally known as Fresh has released his first of many records that will be rolling out over the next 12 months, Jacobi has decided to release new music every week of 2019 and has started with this feel good EP exclusively produced by the brilliant Wayne Valentine. Regardless is 4 uplifting tracks that consist of Jacobi expressing his hardships and how he will still be successful in spite of them, all while helping you achieve the same spirit. I believe the amount of music coming from Jacobi Ryan will prove a lot in his musical career over the next year. Keep your eyes out to his Spotify

Chris the God Mc Cain- Now Showing (album)


Chris the God Mc Cain is always dropping music with little notice and lots of knowledge. Just like other Chris the God Mc Cain records he’s still raising a sense of legacy and black love throughout every track. Now Showing is 7 songs reminiscing Chris’s favorite movies that seemed to help mold his standards in adulthood/love/family and much more. Chris credits his inspiration from Hip-hop and uninspirations from top 40, EDM, and Trap music which all get assistance from Hip-hop music. This project is not for the come-and-go rap music fan, it’s hip-hop to the core and worthy of clicking play.

Lucius ColdStone - Show Me (Official Music Video )


New song from Lucius Coldstone performing "Show Me" from his project “Sleep World" available everywhere! This song reminds me of an old Thelonius London track, the ones that sound like perfect weather. Lucius Coldstone’s production is definitely a gift that he unfortunately gives to no one.

PreauXX- JIFFY (Prod. by Kid Maestro & Handsome Samson)

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of artist from Memphis, Tennessee show their talents in OKC, courtesy of 3rd I Jones. As soon as PreauXX hit the stage he caught everyone's attention. PreauXX performs with passion and as soon as he was done with his last song I had to know where I could find it. JIFFY was that song and PreauXX says it was his latest thing on Youtube. On JIFFY PreauXX goes back in forth from rapping to singing effortlessly and I'd also like to think of him as my brother in color with his vibrant style choices in real life and on the visuals. Click play for me below and follow PreauXX on his accounts, you will see him in OKC again soon.