D.Wright - Tune In (Video)


Oklahoma Hip-hop heir D.Wright is releasing the second video off of his debut project titled “Tune In”. D.Wright has an interesting story and set of skills I don’t see often in music artist. Deshawn “D.Wright” Wright does all of this own graphics, videos, engineering and merch, all these skills he learned from and with his pops who is also a legendary Oklahoma hip-hop artist, but more on that later. “Tune In” is a tape strictly made for showcasing D.Wright’s rapping ability through a mix of popular beats and original production. Press play and cop “Tune In” on the streaming platforms listed below or hit D.Wright up in person and cop a disc.

Apple Music




Le'Troy Mack - Save My Soul


Le’Troy Mack recently released a new video for “Save my Soul” off his new impressive album “One Day We'll Be Rich & We'll Never Be Broke”. The project is worth a listen off of Le'Troy Mack’s versatility in flow and subject matter alone. I did not expect the venerability Le’Troy showed on these songs from family issues to love topics. I anticipate him making big moves in the future.

Lucius ColdStone - Show Me (Official Music Video )


New song from Lucius Coldstone performing "Show Me" from his project “Sleep World" available everywhere! This song reminds me of an old Thelonius London track, the ones that sound like perfect weather. Lucius Coldstone’s production is definitely a gift that he unfortunately gives to no one.

Parris Chariz & Jarry Manna ft. DJ DB405 - Surf Talk


 A little under a month ago, Jarry Manna & Parris Chariz dropped their joint EP Super Splash Bros. Now they're rollin' out the visuals, starting with the King Spencer directed "Surf Talk". There's a few cameos from other artists in The Town as well. Check it out & be sure to purchase/stream the EP.

Steph Simon - Party N' BS (Produced by Papa)


This past Friday, July 27th, Steph Simon had a listening party for Born On Black Wall Street. Out of the all of the tracks, the one that stood out the most was "Party N' BS". This one will instantly be on repeat. Check out visual below, shot & edited by Cashoma. Directed by Boomintree. Be sure to catch Dicky Ro at Guthrie Green this Friday, August 3rd for the release party at Guthrie Green. The album is available now!

N0_dna - America (Video)

N0_dna is an OKC born artist and producer and produced his first full length project recently titled "Season 1". The visuals on this song are breathtaking, shot by L.A, L.A. takes great attention to coloring and makes the viewer feel like their in another realm. The song is short and to the point N0_dna takes it upon himself to deliver how he feels about being a black man in this country in song.