Haiti Trip 2016

DAY 1-2

I slept for 30 minutes and left for the (Pine Forest) Mountains at 4 am from my flight. I wasn't aware of how dangerous this trip would be up the mountain, how high it was up and how long it would take to get there and bring me back. We stayed at a hotel for a night and traveled to a land of vegetation and amazement. 

Day 2

Day 2 me and my mother sat on the porch all day and ate and said "Bonjour" to every passer by. All of the vegetation in these photos is garden as in "veggies".


Day 3 was my last day in the Pine Forest Mountains, I had a lot of food and I got to visit a town really close to the beach that was breathtaking.


Day 4 was hot and I was able to capture people naturally through some gated windows. I slept in a church that was above the neighborhood, then later went downstairs.