Bushwick Art

My New York trip was an adventure. One day during my trip I went to visit my friends' friend (who is now my friend too) in Bushwick and I was instantly saddened I didn't bring my camera to capture all the street art I saw. I went back to Bushwick days later, hours before I had to fly out with my cam, to document the art. I researched a little bit about the neighborhood and a lot of the street art in the area is more encouraged than most areas in NY, The Bushwick Collective holds The Bushwick Collective Block party that celebrates all the street art on this block. The shots below are all within 2 miles on Broadway in Bushwick between Delkab and Suydam.

To find out more about the murals and other street art in Bushwick check out the link below

HERE <- Dodworth Street Collective mural write up by Grafftours.com

If you want to take a tour very similar to mine check out the foot tour HERE