Episode 26: Twenty6

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This week on Tha Rap Podcast, we teach you a couple things about life, such as finances (dame dash), safe sex (NBA Young Boy), politcal sponorships (Colin Kaepernick) and how renegotiate your rap contracts (Nicki Minaj).
Tune and learn some stuff. Available on Spreaker, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play and Gotsteez.net be sure to like, subcribe, comment and share! #iNationRadio #ItsThaRap #ThaRapPod #colinkaepernick #oklahoma #hiphop #blackpodcaster #Podcasts

Episode 7: 7 Days Theory

Tha Rap Podcast is back with it’s the 7th episode. This week we talked about Tiffany Haddish and her rise to stardom, white terrorism and the Austin bombings and Logic’s renegotiated deal with Def jam. You will also learn things about me! #ItsThaRap #ThaRapPod Tune in now!