Episode 4: 4 Da Fam

For another round we are back with the illest podcast, #ItsThaRap! This week we discuss all of the wild and crazy recent revelations from the NCAA sports world, we talk about the new generation of rappers and abuse towards women, we talk about Nip Hussle's debut album, Monique's fight for "Justice", and we headed #Wakanda!!! Don't miss this week's episode of #ItsThaRap

Episode 3: Jordan 3's

Your favorite Podcast is BACK! Today we talk about street rappers snitching, the Florida school shooting, Life in Wakanda, the death of CD's and what that means for music labels. I specifically talk about what artist could be doing right now at the beginning of the end of the CD era, to get their music out there. 

Throwback Song of the Week: Talib Kweli - Get By

New Song of the week: OG Toni D - Yea (3x)